Did you know that you could buy a new truck for your business and write it off as a tax deduction? There's plenty of amazing tax benefits involving vehicles that hard-working business owners such as yourself are free to take advantage of. To learn about saving money for your business through tax deductions, check out our blog post below.

Tax Write-Offs for Your Work Truck

Now that it's the beginning of a new work-year, it's time to start thinking of deductions for your business. How do deductions work? Tax deductions work by lowering the amount of your taxable income and in turn, the amount you pay in taxes. Taking advantage of these deductions can save your business a lot of money come tax time and help you build and improve your business in a cost-effective way. For starters, most of the expenses involving your work vehicles are tax-deductible. This includes things like routine maintenance and repairs. While these write-offs may not come as a surprise to many business owners, maybe this next one will. If you go about the process the right way, your business can purchase a new truck and take a 100% tax deduction of the purchase price. The IRS's tax code allows for businesses to deduct the cost of all new business equipment, and new trucks fall into this category. Depending on your business' situation, you may be able to purchase more than one new vehicle for your business and write off both as deductions. If you'd like to learn more about automotive deductions, get in contact with one of our dealership experts.


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