Welcome to Franklin's Spring Creek Ford where we give top dollar for high-quality trade-in vehicles. Our ultimate goal is to make the buying process as smooth and effortless as possible while keeping our prices affordable. To help us achieve this goal, we use the cutting-edge Kelley Blue Book online trade-in tool, providing you with a fast and accurate estimate of your trade-in vehicle.

It's fast, hassle-free, and the best way to learn the value of your current vehicle. Ready to get started? Simply answer a few simple questions about your vehicle and you'll be one step closer to finding the perfect new or used vehicle from Franklin's Spring Creek Ford! 

What Is the Trade-In Value?

Quite simply, the trade-in value of your vehicle is the amount you will receive for your current vehicle when you purchase a new vehicle from Franklin's Spring Creek Ford. The trade-in value will be based on the current market price of your vehicle's model, make, and year. In addition, the overall physical and mechanical condition of your vehicle will be taken into consideration when assessing its trade-in value. The rule of thumb is the better condition your current vehicle is in, the more money you can expect to receive for it.

Why Is the Trade-In Value Less than the Sales Price?

There are a number of reasons why the trade-in value of your vehicle will be lower than the sales price or retail value. One of the primary reasons has to do with the fact your vehicle must be reconditioned in order for us to sell it. The reconditioning process is conducted by our experienced service technicians who will inspect virtually every aspect of the vehicle. Some of the most common repairs and reconditioning items we have to make on trade-in vehicles include:
  • Fixing broken lights
  • Installation of new brakes
  • New tire installation
  • Repair to dashboard light indicator
  • And much more 
As you can imagine, those who have taken better care of their vehicles will require less reconditioning and can expect a higher trade-in value.

Benefits of Trading in a Vehicle at Franklin's Spring Creek Ford

When you trade a vehicle in at Franklin's Spring Creek Ford, you'll receive top dollar, which can be used as a substantial down payment on a new or used vehicle from our inventory. This will help you reduce your monthly payments and may even empower you to find a newer, nicer vehicle that better suits your style and needs. Instead of having to insure two different vehicles, you'll only be responsible for one insurance premium when you trade your vehicle in. The experts at Franklin's Spring Creek Ford will handle all of the paperwork, which means the process is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

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