Used Inventory Options Available for Sale in Colquitt, GA

Save on a Pre-Owned Model at Franklin's Spring Creek Ford

You're shopping for your next vehicle, and you're hoping to get a lot. You want great features and the dependability of a high-quality ride. You want high-performance and modern safety packages. Most of all? You want a better price tag and a lower monthly payment!

The sales team at Franklin's Spring Creek Ford can help. We have a wide array of used models available for sale. These include everything from used cars, SUVs, and trucks - hailing from the Ford lineup and more.

Serving customers from Bainbridge, GA to Blakely, GA, our friendly sales team can connect you to used models that satisfy all your driving needs.

Used Cars Available for Sale

Are you a Camila, GA driver looking for an affordable pre-owned car? You'll find our dealership waiting with robust used model options from an array of the market's biggest brands.

We could send you home in used Ford favorites like the Ford Fusion and Ford Focus, both longtime favorites of the compact and midsize sedan markets. And if you're looking for a pre-owned sports car? You'll be hard-pressed to find better than the Ford Mustang coupes waiting in our pre-owned inventory.

These recent-year cars offer everything from comfortable interiors and rich features to classic style and high-performance thrills.

Used SUVs Available for Sale

A car is nice, but they have their limits. Many Camila, GA and Damascus-area drivers want the benefits of a vehicle that can do it all. That's where a top-tier SUV comes in handy.

Built to deliver a jack-of-all-trade road experience, SUVs offer versatility and benefits to handle an array of tasks and needs. These can include everything from extra space and seating to more power, features, all-terrain abilities, and more.

Our used SUV inventory includes some of the best options the road has to offer. We can connect you to recent-year Ford SUVs like the Ford EcoSport, Ford Edge, and Ford Escape. We also have bigger models available like the Ford Bronco, Ford Explorer, and the Ford Expedition.

Recent-year used SUVs like the Ford Edge and Ford Escape stand among the market's most trusted and beloved compact and midsize models. The Ford Explorer, meanwhile? It's one of the famous SUVs on the road and can offer everything from interior comfort to high-performance ability.

Used Trucks Available for Sale

When hard work (or play!) is what you want, a top-tier truck is a must-have vehicle. Shopping for a great truck, however, doesn't have to mean accepting an unreasonable price tag. The team at Franklin's Spring Creek Ford has used truck options that can send you home in a powerful vehicle for less!

What sorts of trucks should you expect to find at our dealership? Our used lineup includes a bevy of pre-owned Ford favorites.

If you're looking for a midsize, you'll find us ready and waiting to put you in the driver's seat of a used Ford Ranger. Only just recently returned to the road in the last few years, the Ford Ranger is a rugged and wholly modern truck. A recent-year pre-owned Ranger can deliver the conveniently-sized vehicle you want with the high performance a truck ought to offer.

If you're hoping for something bigger? We can most definitely connect you to used F-Series truck you'll love. The Ford F-150 has been America's favorite truck for years now, offering an array of options to satisfy everything from all-terrain and off-road driving to school drop-offs and more.

Bigger models like the Ford F-250, meanwhile, offer the size, muscle, and manners to handle even the toughest of tough jobs. Talk to us about these used Ford trucks and opportunities for pre-owned trucks from other brands.

Used Model Financing to Go With Your Affordable Car

Once you've found the perfect pre-owned model to satisfy your driving needs, you'll need the help of an affordable finance deal to make your purchase ambitions a reality.

Our finance center can help. Our dealership's onsite finance team works with an array of different customers, all with their own unique situations and circumstances. These include drivers with high credit scores, poor credit scores, and even no credit score at all!

We'll talk with you about your available options and help you navigate the path to your best possible deal. A budget-friendly used model loan can help you take full advantage of your vehicle's used price tag savings.

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Are you a Donalsonville, GA driver interested in learning more about the used inventory options at Franklins Spring Creek Ford? Don't hesitate! Give us a call at our dealership in Colquitt, GA today.

Our sales experts can talk with you about our current pre-owned lineup. We'll run you through our selection of used Ford models. We can also fill you in on the used vehicles we have available from outside the Ford brand umbrella.

From Ford favorites to used cars, trucks, and SUVs from the likes of GMC, Ram, Toyota, and more, our dealership has a little bit of something for everyone. We take pride in our status as a pre-owned vehicle resource for Georgia-state drivers. We'd love the opportunity to help you go home in a used vehicle model you'll love.

Contact Franklin's Spring Creek Ford today to get started. Your personal perfect used model starts with us.