Ford has a long history of supporting American veterans after returning home in honor. Starting over a century ago in 1903, this star-spangled tradition continues today, with the many American veteran programs Ford supports. And Franklin's Spring Creek Ford can let you know which Ford programs are available to you as an American Veteran.

Ford Funds Operation Better World to Help American Veterans

Operation Better World gives back to communities all across the United States by supporting local Ford dealers' initiatives that help our vets. Community support for hunger relief and health care are just some of the ways, through Operation Better World, Ford assists American veterans.  

Ford Supports Vets by Donating Super Duty to Oscar Mike Foundation

Started by paralyzed Marine Corp veteran, Noah Currier, the Oscar Mike Foundation in Rockford, Illinois helps keep injured American veterans "on the move" by supporting programs which encourage physical activity and sports. When informed of this potentially life-changing program from the Disabled American Veterans organization, the Ford Motor Company immediately swung into action to help by providing an F-250 Super Duty for the foundation's use.   

In addition to the Super Duty donated to the Oscar Mike Foundation, Ford has donated vehicles to veteran's organizations all across the United States to help disabled American veterans get to their doctors.  

Disabled American Veterans Receives Vet Support from Ford

Most recently, Ford donated eight new Ford Flex utility vehicles to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Transportation Network. Every year, Ford donated vehicles log nearly 23 million miles, helping the DAV veterans drive to get the health care they need and have earned. Over the past 21 years, Ford has donated more than 200 vehicles to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Transportation Network all over our country.  

Ford Employs Veterans

Across the United States, in factories and dealerships, in small towns and big cities, some of the strongest team members Ford employs are American veterans. Ford has policies and procedures in place to accommodate issues that are specific to veterans.   

Started in 2007, Ford also has a veterans network group to make sure that the families of Ford-employed veterans have what they need while their husbands or wives are away at war.   

Ford Motor Company knows that hiring veterans is a competitive advantage. The training, discipline, camaraderie, and strong team building skills that vets have received and exhibit every day, make Ford a better company.  

Come to Franklin's Spring Creek Ford for Special Ford Veteran Support

Marching step-by-step with Ford Motor Company, Franklin's Spring Creek Ford in Colquitt, Georgia is proud to support our veterans too. If you are a proud American veteran, honorably discharged, we want you to know that Ford Motor Company and Franklin's Spring Creek Ford support you. Ford provides special veteran discounts, rebates and incentives, as well as reimbursement for in-vehicle adaptive equipment and vehicle modification. These programs help disabled American veterans overcome physical disabilities and hearing loss to reclaim their driving independence.   

As an honorably discharged veteran, please visit us at Franklin's Spring Creek Ford in Colquitt, Georgia. We will be honored to assist you. We will make certain that you get all the support Ford has available for the purchase of your new Ford car or truck, and any assistance Ford provides for disabled veterans. We can also help you select the right vehicle and assist in getting it adapted for you. At Franklin's Spring Creek Ford, it's our pleasure to serve those who have served and sacrificed so much for America.