Compare the Ford Bronco vs. Bronco Sport in Colquitt, GA

The Ford Bronco is back and continues to see improvements in 2022. One of the more unique aspects is the variation between the models available from Ford. While Bronco lovers may buy a highly capable base model, they can also find exciting features in the Bronco Sport. Let's compare the two to see the benefits of both options of the powerful Bronco.

Benefits of Buying a Ford Bronco Model from Franklin's Spring Creek Ford

We know plenty of former Bronco owners were waiting a long time for the vehicle to make its return. All the classic features have been upgraded with the base Bronco model, bringing the past into the present. The Bronco begins just over $28,000 and comes with plenty of customization via seven different trim levels. This includes the First Edition model, which has the look of the original while also combining the best features of the current lineup.

The Ford Bronco is equipped to take on any challenge both on and off the road. The SUV comes with nearly one full foot of ground clearance and the capability to ford through nearly three feet of water! The Bronco can also provide up to 330 horsepower, so you know there is enough power to get you through any terrain.

Benefits of Buying a Ford Bronco Sport from Franklin's Spring Creek Ford

The Bronco Sport has the look of a vehicle that belongs on an adventure at all times. You are able to customize the driving mode so the Bronco itself knows how to handle any terrain whether on sand, ice, or even a rock crawl. 

The Sport is made for off-roading and can hold a whopping 500-pound static load on its roof. Want to pitch a tent right on top of the Bronco Sport? That's no problem for the Sport model! This vehicle is ready to take you anywhere you want to go on any adventure! You can also bring everything you need with over 65 cubic feet of cargo space. The Bronco Sport is designed for comfort and reliability when away from the normal city roads and highways.

Choosing Between the Bronco and Bronco Sport in Colquitt, GA

So which Bronco model is right for you? That may depend on your ultimate goal with the vehicle. The Bronco itself is always built for adventure. The difference with the Sport is that it comes with extra features specifically designed for off-roading or camping trips. The Sport is even capable of holding two bikes upright with its extra space! Weighing the importance of these features to best fit your needs will help you come to a final decision.

Why buy a Ford Bronco with us in Colquitt, GA

So you have decided you are ready to begin seriously shopping for a new Ford Bronco. Why should you shop with us? The easy answer is that our entire focus is on providing the best possible customer experience! We have several promises we keep with the most important being that you are guaranteed a hassle-free experience the moment you step through our doors.


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